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Blown Away

As I’m sitting here thinking about our services this morning, I’m blown away. Blown away by God. Blown away by His love for me. Blown away by His faithfulness and provisions.  Blown away by the blessings of having the most amazing woman I know as my wife and having 2 (and soon to be 3) amazing kids who already show a heart for Jesus. Blown away by having a great church family and getting to do what I love.

Blown away…

But what is hitting me now more than anything is how awesome it has been working with the kids who are leading worship for our Family Fun Fest events.
It’s been great seeing how they have grown in the last few weeks… how comfortable they are becoming… how much fun they are having praising Jesus.
And as I'm realizing that the choir season is coming up way too soon, and that I really do need to listen to that huge stack of music next to me... What I really want to do is just keep worshipping with these young hearts.
At some point I’ll post my own testimony about how worship ministry connected me into church and, more importantly, connected me to Christ.

Lord Jesus, I pray that these young hearts will connect to You… that Your love will overwhelm them… that they will see You as the only source of truth in this world. Help me to lead and guide them. I thank You for the gifts You have given these youth and that they are using them for Your glory. I thank You for the blessing that they are to our church and community. Thank You, Jesus.

-Pastor Matt