Adult Friendship Classes - Sundays 9:00AM

The Adult Friendship Classes at The Chapel in Marlboro are just that – a place to make friends.  Not only do these different classes provide friendship opportunity, but also an opportunity to study the Bible.  The classes encourage discussion, but discussion is not required. You may simply sit and absorb the teaching if you desire.  The Adult Friendship Classes are built around different life stages and you are free to attend the one of your choice.  Some young couples attend the seniors’ class and vice-versa.  Select one for yourself!  Pastor Joel Cochran oversees these classes, but each class has the freedom to create its own identity.


THRIVE is our young couples and families ministry here at the Chapel. It is focused on the practical understanding and application of biblical principles. We believe that God has a glorious design for families that He has shared in His Word. THRIVE empowers couples and parents to discover that design together with others and to apply it in every aspect of life. Over the summer we will be going through John MacArthur's series "Fundamentals of the Faith"

Room 16

Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry is under the direction of L.J. Dalton, who is assisted by Zita Patton.  This ministry’s focus is on building relationships between women – helping women to get to know each other and share their gifts.  This sharing may be one-on-one, with a small group, within the church, or out in the community.

The Women’s Ministry hosts events for all ages of women.  Bible Studies written by well-known authors such as Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer are facilitated by Kenna Woodring in the fall, spring, and summer.  A Secret Sister program is in effect every year, beginning each October, where women anonymously pray for each other and give little gifts of encouragement to uplift and support each other.  A yearly midwinter retreat is always a source of great relaxation and inspiration.  Women have the opportunity to get away overnight for a time of prayer, song, fellowship, and delving deeper into God’s Word.  The Women’s Spring Tea/Banquet is held in May, when women of all ages come together to fellowship, laugh during wonderful skits, and enjoy delicious food that they don’t have to prepare themselves!

Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry of the church was organized to reach men and boys in the greater Marlboro community.  We reach out to them through events such as Upward Sports, Cub and Boy Scouts, and interesting programs involving speakers that appeal to men.  Pastor Joel Cochran now directs the Men’s Ministry with the help of several others.


Jolly Pilgrims is the seniors group at The Chapel.  And jolly they are! This group meets monthly, except in January and February, for a meal and entertainment.  The meals are always good and the warm camaraderie within this group is even greater.  The Director is Jan Wiebelt, (330) 877-6513.

Support Groups

Griefshare is a weekly support group meeting under the direction of Ed and Kim Mitchell.  We are comprised of loving people who have recently lost a loved one.  This group has no start date or end date; it meets yearlong.  People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to attend at any given time in their life when they may need a shoulder to cry on or the support of others who are going through the same grieving experiences.

Sunday 6:00PM

Divorce Care is a support group that meets occasionally when there is a prominent need.

Widows & Friends Connection is a support group that enjoys a luncheon on the 3rd Monday of the month at 11:30 AM in Room #7.  If you have experienced loss and want to connect with others who share your concerns, we invite you to come.  Kathy Sobitz leads this group and would love to get to know you and minister to your needs. To RSVP for the luncheon contact the church office at 330.935.0132.