Middle School: 6-8 Grade

In our Middle School Ministry, we seek to increase a strong, gospel-centered foundation in our students through learning and studying the Word of God and living out biblical community in small groups.  Middle school is where our students get their first experience of what group life is like within the church.  Our hope is to partner with parents in helping students go deeper with each other, their leaders and, most importantly, God.

Sunday 10:15|Source

Summer Huddles

We believe the bible is a playbook for life. Summer Huddles is a place to be close to our friends and become a cohesive team for Christ. For more information or to host a Summer Huddle click the link below.

Saturdays June 10 - August 12     Time - 6:00pm - 8:00PM

6th Grade Parents Meeting

Sunday, June 11 - After Second Service

Welcome new 6th grade students and parents. This will be a brief meeting to help acclimate you to our website and to talk about the middle school ministry.


High School: 9-12 Grade

In our High School Ministry, we seek to keep building gospel maturity in our students and help them grow in deeper relationships with each other, their leaders and, most importantly, the Lord.  On a weekly basis, our students meet in small groups that are broken up by age and gender (and sometimes location) to learn and study God’s Word and to foster biblical community at a young age.

Sunday 10:15|Source

 Summer Outlet

We aren't so different from the electronic devices we use everyday. Like these devices we need to recharge, so get plugged into an Outlet group this summer and reach your total capacity. Click the link below for more information.

Rock The Park

Saturday, September 9 - Featuring Seventh Day Slumber

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